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Long gone are the days when the only rain boots you could purchase came in black or neutral colors. Today you can find fashion rain boots in practically any color and in any combination of colors that you can dream of.

During the wet season, you need a great pair or two of rain boots to ensure that you will get where you are going without arriving with wet and cold feet. Rain boots have integrated into the mainstream fashion world due to designers realizing that people wanted stylish boots to wear that would not only protect their feet from the elements but boots that would add to the overall look of what clothes are being worn.

The fashion rain boots of today are fun, colorful and very popular. You can choose patterns such as stars, hearts, swirls, flowers, camo and leopard prints, just to give you an idea of what is hot today. Women can find rain boots that are trimmed with fake fur, have low or high heels, are laced up and that are zippered.  As you can see, the design offerings of today’s rain boots are as endless the sky.

The fashion rain boots of today match the sophisticated, functional and trendy styles that people have come to expect from the fashion industry. Cool, fun and unique rain boots have made it onto the celebrity fashion circuit as familiar faces in Tinseltown are seen regularly sporting rain boots that are both funky and sophisticated. They are literally turning heads whenever they step out on a rainy day. The old ‘duck boot’ was a very popular style of rain boot a couple of decades ago, and even that style has gotten a fresh facelift as it is being produced by various manufacturers sporting stripes, plaids and other colorful designs in a wide spectrum of colors sure to match any ensemble.

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Fashion rain boots are not just for women and children, contrary to what many people may believe. There is a growing selection in trend setting rain boots for men. Men, after all, are no more fond of arriving to their destinations with soaking wet feet any more than women are. Men tend to actually be a bit more comfortable with rain boots than women are. Men look at rain boots as practical and functional which makes complete and total sense.

The most popular types of rain boots for men are made of PVC material and can be either the type that slips right over a shoe or it can be the variety that is designed to be taken off once indoors.  Either way, top footwear manufacturers are making fashion rain boots for men that come in the standard black or brown as well as offering a large assortment of other colors for the man who wants to express his individuality.

The rain boots of today are an outstanding combination of fashion meets function. You can easily find a great pair of fashion rain boots to match your personality or mood at any given moment. Fun, funky, flirty, outrageous or simple–no matter your tastes and regardless of your budget, there is without a doubt a great pair of rain boots out there just waiting for you to take them home!

When you get your rain boots, you will want to care for them properly so that they last and keep looking great.  To clean rain boots, simply wipe clean on a regular basis.  If needed, use a mild soap to clean.   Rain boots are usually made of rubber or PVC/vinyl   For rubber boots, you will want to use a rubber conditioner (such as silicone) to keep them from getting that ‘old tire ‘ appearance.  Using a rubber conditioner is important and will keep your boots from fading and maintain the elasticity of the rubber.   Hunter makes a cleaner for rubber boots called Hunter UV Tech, for use with rubber boots.  Note that this is not suitable for the Hunter Gloss or Neoprene boots, or other PVC or vinyl boots. LaCrosse also make a rubber conditioner that’s appropriate for rubber boots.  You can also find silicone conditioners in shoe stores and some hardware stores.

When storing your rain boots, avoid storing them in direct sunlight.    Prolonged exposure to UV rays could cause your rain boots to dry and crack.   Store your rubber boots in an upright, vertical position so that they keep their shape.

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  • Dave from Rain Boots:

    To achieve the glossy look that you see on the two rain boots photoed on this page, manufacturers have created a clear rubber shell that is very shiny and then they put a dyed or printed lining inside of the shell that shows through. So the black pair of rain boots shown on this page is actually a clear pair of rain boots that have a black lining inside of it. I wonder if clear or windowed rain boots would ever have any fashion appeal?

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